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Dried Herb Recipes

At Prairie Star Botanicals, we believe in the strength of building a community. To share thoughts and ideas from our own personal experiences, encouraging others to find their own paths. We have come together, employees and herbalists alike, to create introductory recipes for anyone to make - ranging from simple teas to salve making and (my all-time favorite) herbal baths!

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It all starts with tea...

Our belief system can limit us, or it can set us free to experience our own limitlessness. OK, stay with me on this, dear reader. You might be like me. Growing up, I believed that tea was something made with hot water and a tea bag. Tea, as defined by Webster, is a drink made by infusing, or soaking, the dried leaves of an Asian plant, Camellia sinensis, in hot water. My mother had a tea revelation at some point in my growing up, and started to introduce many different types of teas into our pantry, some flavored with aromatic spices and herbs. I left for college, accompanied by my love for coffee, while tea was demoted to a weaker...

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