Bioregional Program

Bioregional Map

Prairie Star Botanicals grew from our love of diverse, hardy and complex plants of the prairie. Nestled in the heartland of the United States, Prairie star looks to the prairie as a model for health and sustainable living. Native Prairie plants endure the stresses of a vast range of temperatures, moistures and wind, and are sustained by the deep roots that anchor them into the soil. We see the adaptability of these plants to change of the seasons, and appreciate the lessons that they provide.

We choose, specifically, to focus on a subset of the Great Plains and Midwest bioregions, consisting of native and naturalized plants found in Nebraska and Iowa. This area, The Golden Prairie (TM), is characterized by adequate yet often inconsistent rainfall, large seasonal temperature swings, and strong variable winds. Extremes of moisture, temperature, and wind require strength, flexibility, and resiliency as key factors in prairie plant survival. 

We continue to support our local growers through our Golden Prairie program, with the goal that all of our bioregional plants will be sourced directly from our local grower community. Our local plants are cultivated or wild-crafted in woodlands, prairies, and marshes. The bioregional status of our manufactured products is identified under our "Bioregional" tag under our products page.


Want to get involved?

Read our blog posts in The Prairie Journal to learn about Prairie Conservation Efforts. The links below are for some of our favorite Prairie Conservation groups - become a part of the effort and learn how you help out our little slice of heaven in the Midwest!