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Ask the Herbalist: Adaptogens...What Are They?

Ask the Herbalist: Adaptogens Certified Herbalist - Paige Hill If you are familiar with Herbalism, you have probably heard the term "Adaptogen" used here and there to describe the properties of certain herbs, such as Ginseng, Rhodiola, and Schisandra. If you are unfamiliar with herbs, you are probably asking yourself "What the heck is an Adaptogen??". We are very fortunate to have our small herbal clinic as part of our building and business. Having practicing herbalists "on staff" has allowed our customers to gain the answers they seek to common problems that we all face every now and then. Our herbalists help to give us better insight on the products that we manufacture and we will often turn to Mo...

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The beauty of community

Wow, this has been an interesting time… I’m not sure that any of us could foresee what our world looks like today.  It’s so very different from a year ago.  However, one thing that we can depend on, even in these crazy times, is the change of seasons, which arrived, again, with a welcomed sense of familiarity.  At Prairie Star, we are very attuned to the seasons, and we look for the beautiful patterns and rhythms in the natural world.  While sometimes challenged by events in our world, we continue to believe that much of what we need to be healthy and thrive is provided by the natural world around us. The challenges that arise are ways for us to...

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Seasons of the Prairie - Autumn

"Seasonal transitions have always been a challenge for me.  At their worst, my emotions would consume me, my brain would get foggy, I’d have trouble making decisions.  When I was younger, it made me confused, and I could not understand what was wrong with me.  I couldn’t see it happening to others, and it began to make me question – WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?"  Find more about Lisa's approach to the change of seasons, and put together your own ritual for celebration and transition.

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Salve Making: Tips and Tricks

We divulge our secrets, tips, and tricks for making the perfect salve! First of all, what is a Salve? A Salve is a blend of infused oils or essential oils mixed with beeswax and are applied topically for various reasons. (Seriously, you can make a salve for just about anything, there are numerous recipes out there!) To name a few examples: A drawing salve - helps to draw out small foreign objects A diaper salve - helps to reduce irritation on a baby's buttox General First Aide - Aides in repairing small burns, cuts, and scrapes A vascular salve - helps to strengthen the vascular system A sore muscle salve - helps to relieve tension and nerve pain A lymphatic...

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