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Seasons of the Prairie - Autumn

"Seasonal transitions have always been a challenge for me.  At their worst, my emotions would consume me, my brain would get foggy, I’d have trouble making decisions.  When I was younger, it made me confused, and I could not understand what was wrong with me.  I couldn’t see it happening to others, and it began to make me question – WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?"  Find more about Lisa's approach to the change of seasons, and put together your own ritual for celebration and transition.

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Salve Making: Tips and Tricks

We divulge our secrets, tips, and tricks for making the perfect salve! First of all, what is a Salve? A Salve is a blend of infused oils or essential oils mixed with beeswax and are applied topically for various reasons. (Seriously, you can make a salve for just about anything, there are numerous recipes out there!) To name a few examples: A drawing salve - helps to draw out small foreign objects A diaper salve - helps to reduce irritation on a baby's buttox General First Aide - Aides in repairing small burns, cuts, and scrapes A vascular salve - helps to strengthen the vascular system A sore muscle salve - helps to relieve tension and nerve pain A lymphatic...

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Happy Nose Interview

The herbs in this formula are chosen for 3 reasons: Their Energetics - mostly cooling and drying, helps to reduce inflammation, soothing to irritated tissues, and helps to bring appropriate moisture levels (of the sinuses) back into balance Their Organ Affinity - primarily the upper respiratory system - eyes, throat, nose, and sinuses Actions - expectorant, antibacterial, astringent, demulcent, and anti-inflammatory

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Kid's Focus: Not Just for Kids!

A few years back, one of our employees who had been with us for a while, was filling bottles for our retail space. Being a small business, we mix, fill, label, and shrink wrap all of our herbs by hand. Anyone who has worked in production knows how easy it is to fall into auto-pilot mode...

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