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How To Use Tinctures & Glycerites

We hope that you enjoyed our recent blog about the production of tinctures and glycerites.      The Basics The standard protocol for using liquid herbal extracts is to "shake it before you take it" as we like to say around here.  Tinctures (and Glycerites) will naturally settle and separate, which this is different from falling out of solution.  When a Tincture settles, there may be a sludge or some goo at the bottom of the bottle that will reincorporate upon shaking the bottle.  When a product falls out of solution, solid particulate will fall to the bottom of the bottle and stay solid, even after shaking vigorously.  Demulcent herbs, such as Marshmallow, may take extra or prolonged shaking to...

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How We Make Tinctures

(Click image for video link!!) One of the biggest questions we are asked is "What is a Tincture?" followed by the second biggest question "How do you make one (a Tincture)?". Well, you asked the right people because making liquid herbal extracts is our specialty! Here, at Prairie Star Botanicals, we believe that "Fresh is Best!" - this means that we believe the highest quality Tincture or Glycerite comes from using locally sourced, fresh plant materials. This being said, one must consider that only certain herbs are available fresh while others are only available from dried sources. Certain herbs, such as Rehmannia or Asian Ginseng, are preferred to be used from dried because they must first be honey-fried or infused with...

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The Seasons of Life - Winter

“May you have great dignity, Sense how free you are; Above all, may you be given the wonderful gift Of meeting the eternal light that is within you.”          - Excerpt from "For Old Age, To Bless the Space Between us" page 71, John O’Donohue -     I sit at my window, looking out into the bleak landscape of Mid December in the prairie. The sky clouded gray with promises of snow. With this anticipation of the coming storm, my thoughts turn inwards. I think of my dear friend, ill in her bed, laughing at a story I told with great drama and enthusiasm. Thoughts of my senior cat Autumn, next to my yoga mat, laying on her back,...

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Ask the Herbalist: Methods for Using Herbs

Dawn Lusk, Owner of Raven's Moon Holistic Wellness Ever heard of a Tincture before? No, well how about a tea? Or perhaps a poultice is your preference?    Just like our bodies, herbs come in many forms and each herb may provide you with more benefits,  depending on how you apply it! Often times, the biggest question is internal or external? Most herbs are  best if taken internally, other herbs are strictly topical use only, and then there are herbs that fall on the  fence of best if applied topically and taken internally.    We reached out to one of our local Herbalists, Dawn Lusk owner of Raven’s Moon Holistic Wellness (AKA  Raven’s Moon Apothecary), asking her so speak on some of her most favorite methods for utilizing  herbs! Sometimes, you need to get creative, and that is exactly what Dawn is good at!    "When I first started my herbal education, I had heard of two ways to use herbs: in tea, and on food. I quickly learned that herbs can be used in almost never ending applications to help support the healing process, and to help bring our bodies back into balance. Let’s talk through some of my very favorite ways to get creative with herbs: Poultice – a poultice is a simple combination of fresh (preferred) or dried herbs, mixed with a little water and applied to the skin. I was recently reminded of how much I appreciate the mighty poultice when I...

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Ask The Herbalist: 7 Herbs Medicine Cabinet

Alex Svoboda, Owner of Arise Botanicals We have interviewed one of our local Herbalists, Alex Svoboda owner of Arise Botanicals, to give her list of the top 7 herbs to have in your medicine cabinet. From herbs for emergency use to your daily nervine tonic, Alex has provided us with a great place to start for anyone new to Herbalism. Now, there are thousands (if not millions) of different herbs out there, so picking only 7 of them was not the easiest of tasks and some of these may not suit you and your needs, but this is a great place to start! "It is important that we all understand the concept of each person having a unique constitution –...

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