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The Herbal Path

  My name is Sylvia McDonald and I am currently the Sales Account Manager at Prairie Star Botanicals. This is a short introduction into my way here. My path has led me to the most beautiful of places. Starting off, my personal journey would begin in western medicine. I was not in the field but I ventured out to them frequently. I had a lot of health issues with one of my children. Soon something was knocking on my heart to tell me to stop with the type of pharmacy we had grown so used to. My child became well within a year of ending those types of medicine. Seven years have passed since this time in my life. I...

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The Bountiful Beauty of Benson Bounty

Benson Bounty is a well-loved, family-run, small business. Growing fresh herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables is only one part of what this busy family offers the community. We recently spoke with them to learn more about their passion for all things plants, and how their hearts and herbal offerings have expanded in the process. Read our blog for more about these hardworking friends. 

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Shipping Policy Update

Shipping and Order Fulfillment Recently, severe storms and tornadoes have been affecting the communities of the Midwest, Nebraska cities being one of the areas. Our hearts and support go out the the families whose lives will be forever changed by these disastrous events. We can only hope to understand that good will come out of these events. The weather we experience in the Midwest is part of what makes our area so unique, whether it's Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. The weather is part of what makes our prairies so strong, creating resilience out of what it doesn't destroy. Weather, is also a heavy influence on deciding when and sometimes how long we work at our facility. Snow deters us...

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April Raffle 2024

As a thank you to all of our wonderful customers that continue to support our lovely business of high-quality herbal products manufacturing, we are offering a raffle for the month of April instead of a Spring sale! There will be one grand prize winner for the raffle and the winner shall receive a $150 gift certificate to spend on Prairie Star Products! The time frame for entering into the raffle is April 1st through April 30th 2024 and the winner will be drawn and announced during our Annual Plant Sale on Thursday, May 2nd 2024. Here is how you can enter: Leave a product review directly on our website (we will not be accepting reviews left on social media or...

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