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Transitions Changing from Winter to Spring is often one of the most dramatic transitions for the Midwest to endure, at least for Nebraska it is. Typically, we will experience large shifts in temperature and wind gusts that will knock your socks off! As daylight increases, one and a half minutes with each passing day, the underlying itch to play outside grows stronger and stronger. For some of us, the desire for change is unbearable – it strikes a nerve deep within us, we resist and resist and resist until we finally have to give in, accepting that situations HAVE to change. For others, we embrace and even DESIRE this change, wanting the transitions to swallow us up and spit out...

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Tea Blends & Gardening

Have you ever thought about planning a garden for tea? Common in Europe and growing in the United States, Tea Gardens are becoming a staple for many growers and gardeners alike. Ingredients such as Eggs, Sugar, and Flour are all common items for the average kitchen, but what about Anise Hyssop, Chamomile, and Sage, are these flowers staple plants for your garden?

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Dear Winter

Here you are again, waiting for me with your deep, long, cold nights and quiet promises of a warm spot to rest, nourish my roots, repair my wounds, and gather energy for what awaits me. I hear the soft whispers of a stream that is barely detected, deep below me, while all is quiet at my surface.  It murmurs stories of creation and the great cycles of energy that are the truth of nature.  It sings gently of adaptation and resilience.  I feel this delicious elixir begin to create new paths within me, and I open my heart, letting go of the resistance that is defined by my fears. I sit quietly to watch the sun and moon exchange places...

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Herb Flavors

With our focus being on the production of Liquid Herbal Extracts, we have a unique quark that naturally comes with our products – FLAVOR!! Liquid extracts are like concentrated teas and teas are one of the original methods of taking herbs! Our Tinctures, Glycerites, and Herbal Formulas are all taken orally, which means when taking our supplements, you get to taste each and every herb. To some, this may not be appealing, however to us herby nerds, this is one of the most fascinating aspects to support and maintain a balanced state of health. By tasting each herb, we feel better connected to the herbs’ actions and have a better understanding of their nature. The second a drop of Tincture...

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Memoirs of Prairie Star Botanicals

  As we near the 9th birthday of Prairie Star Botanicals (referred to as PSB), we take time to reflect on the many versions and adventures this business has been through. Founded on November 6th, 2014, PSB will be celebrating 9 years of operation – some years better than others, but all have been exciting and quite adventurous.   This story is told through the eyes of Lisa Grabenbauer – Owner, Operator, and Creative Director for PSB, written and interpreted by Aaron Hill – PSB employee since 2018.   PSB in the beginning 2014/2015 Many of you know us as Prairie Star Botanicals, but did you know we were previously Prairie Star Botanicals Inc.? Nicholas Schnell, owner and operator of...

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