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Thinning of the veil

Lisa admits to her obsession with the seasons. Life on the prairie creates distinctive seasons – their arrival and departure is beautiful and sometimes harsh...

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Aromatherapy for the Soul - with Erin Littlewood of Five Sisters Wellness

Aromatherapy for the Soul is an introductory workshop to reveal the fascinating mystique of essential oils. In this post, Certified Aromatherapist and workshop presenter, Erin Littlewood, shares with us her approach to and relationship with these precious oils and how aromatherapy is a practice with the potential to assist you in your own journey to healing and wellness.

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A song of the rose…

From Prairie Star blogger, Lisa...  There will come a time in your life when you know you are in the right place, doing what you were meant to do.  A simple and beautiful plant has shown up again in my life.  Its unassuming nature, like those of many of our prairie plants, kept me from seeing it in the sea of other plants in the prairie, that phenomenon known as “plant blindness”.  Its subtle and beautiful nature is the epitome of a prairie plant.  A few feet tall, it seems quite content to exist just under the surface of the ocean of broom, porcupine grass, and bluestem.  Sturdy and compact, protectively thorny, it shows up with a five petaled flower...

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Full Circle Part 1

By Prairie Star Blogger~ Molly   This late Spring I had the wonderful blessing of attending The MidWest Women’s Herbal Conference in Almond,Wi.  The last time I spent days camping and communal living with 100’s of people was Lovefest of the Midwest, where my daughter and I bonded over our mutual Love of Nahko Bear and Medicine for the people.  I was also one of the oldest at the Lovefest lol.  This was not to be so at the MidWest Women’s Conference. Maiden, Mother and Crone were all represented.  It had been  over 20 years since I took a roadtrip of this size solo.  My partner was nervous, I was nervous. Nourishing nervines were my friend, and yet I still...

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