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Getting what you need...

From Prairie Star blogger, Lisa...       The word “access” seems like a common, everyday, utilitarian kind of word.   Look it up in the dictionary, and you’ll find the following definitions: To obtain, examine, retrieve A way or means of entering or approaching Opportunity or ability to use The right to obtain We prefer this very simple definition, Being able to get what you need As a student of herbalism, I often found myself searching – for information, for fresh herbs, for formulas, for recipes, for photographs, for descriptions of plants, for tools, for books.   Often the answer seemed just beyond my reach.   For me, that journey often took me beyond my comfort zone – to a place where...

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If You Plant It They Will Come: A Garden For Pollinators - Pt 1

How to grow pollinator friendly plants! In this excerpt, Kim B, explains benefits of growing local, native, and pollinator friendly plants. Learn how to add diversity to your garden that will feed your local pollinators! Things such as: growing organically, group planting, companion planting for insect life cycles, and more exciting tips!!

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Herbal Baths and Soaks

Herbal soaks are one of the easiest ways to incorporate herbs into your life. All you need is a contact that can recommend the right herbs for your situation and a source for the best dried herbs around town! We often forget how relaxing and beneficial a bath can be for the body; so let's take it a step further and utilize natural remedies for joint pain, nerve pain, circulatory issues, and anything else you can think of!

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Garden Planning

Garden Planning: everyone's favorite Winter activity. Having a mixed garden can be very beneficial for both the family and the environment. Learn important reasons for having plant variety in your garden: culinary, medicinal, floral, pollinator friendly, etc. Find trusted sources for seeds, live plants, and planting supplies.

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The Onion that Saved my Life

Learn about the powers of the Onion! Read how pungent and aromatic flavors can benefit the body. Common foods such as Onion and Garlic can be very potent if eaten in the right quantity. Follow Aaron's journey and see how this everyday food item became an unexpected health benefit!

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