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A visionary journey...

From Prairie Star blogger, Lisa... Recently, I led a vision board workshop for a small group.  Some of the participants were friends, some were family.  We gathered around a table, creating a powerful circular space.  I spoke to the group, not as a workshop leader, but as an explorer, leading an expedition, where the important thing is the journey, not the destination. We sat, surrounded by plants and art, not really knowing where it would lead.  For the next hour, the explorers pulled inspiration from the objects around them - sometimes words, or images, or flower petals, or sketches.  As we did this, some were thoughtful, others laughed and teased, and others were stopped, each proceeding on their own personal...

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Herbalist Interview - Mo Horner

We have interviewed our practicing herbalist, Ramona Horner. Mo answers the most commonly asked questions she encounters when assessing new clients. Questions like: will herbs interact with my current medications? What is the recommended dosage for herbal extracts? Why should I see an herbalist? How do I use an herbal extract?

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What the heck is a seasonal cleanse?

From Prairie Star blogger, Lisa... You might be like me.  I had heard enough about cleansing to know that I might benefit.  However, I was still confused.  There are many types of cleanses available, just google away in your spare time.  Liver cleanse, colon cleanse, detox, colonics… are they all the same?  I was very confused by these terms before I began to study herbalism.  My first cleanse (prescribed by an MD) was very restrictive, with only certain types of food allowed, along with various supplements, the best part was a cool calendar that I used as a journal of my experience.  While I was initially intrigued, the whole process exhausted me – I felt good for a period of...

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The Flower Essence Experience

  At Prairie Star Botanicals we have on going projects and research. One of those research projects and part of my continued learning is taking a flower essence and journal the experience. I decided to take Wild Bergamot to help me deal and heal with childhood trauma and grieve properly.  Wild Bergamot is my favorite plant. I have spent many hours hiking  prairie lands, gazing in awe and the beautiful purple flowers and capturing pictures of bees buzzing around it. This particular flower essence was made from local prairie so I felt a close connection. Wild Bergamot flower essence surprised me with her gentle subtle energy, that sneaked up reaching a crescendo, then gently laying down in peace and tranquility. ...

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An Introduction to Prairie Star Botanicals Seasonal Cleansing

  Cleansing is a traditional practice that allows our body to reset through the use of gentle herbs, healthy seasonal foods, and restorative lifestyle practices.   For many, this is related to eliminating metabolic toxins that accumulate as a result of the hectic pace and irregular eating of our modern lives.    Based on Ayurvedic, European and Chinese traditions, cleansing allows us to adjust how, when, and especially what we eat, with special attention to the function of specific organ systems related to each season.  Cleansing helps us work with our body’s natural resources to prepare for the challenges of each season, and to treat our bodies, emotions and spirit with love.   While many cleanse protocols focus on the liver...

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