The Herbal Path


My name is Sylvia McDonald and I am currently the Sales Account Manager at Prairie Star Botanicals. This is a short introduction into my way here. My path has led me to the most beautiful of places. Starting off, my personal journey would begin in western medicine. I was not in the field but I ventured out to them frequently. I had a lot of health issues with one of my children. Soon something was knocking on my heart to tell me to stop with the type of pharmacy we had grown so used to. My child became well within a year of ending those types of medicine. Seven years have passed since this time in my life. I had started searching for natural ways of healing. I did not land on herbal remedies right away. I honestly didn’t have much direction at all. I read up on the latest information on what to do for colds that cause airway restrictions. Good old Facebook led me to some great resources and some not-so-good ones. The internet can be a great place for information and a bad one. That is a story for another blog though.

So, there I was, lost. I think we all feel like this at times trying to find our way. I did some home-remedy type things with the kids, honey for coughs, potato in the sock overnight, some remedies work well and some don’t. Around this time, I decided to start homeschooling all 3 of my children. I met a lot of really amazing moms! One I met, Karen Wimpey, was all about natural healing and a lot of her healing has to do with what food she consumes. Later in our friendship it was brought to my attention that her 16-year-old daughter, Victoria, was going to school to become a clinical herbalist one day. I would talk to Karen about my health problems. She would tell me I need to go see the herbalist in town. Every time I would see her, she would mention, “you need to go see Paige.” This went on for some time and I decided to go check this all out. To tell you it’s funny, what I expected from this appointment, is a complete understatement.

I called and set up my appointment. Immediately began wondering if I will get a blood draw or x-ray. I was having some health issues that, to me, seemed all over the board. Abdomen issues, pain that felt like possibly a gall bladder inflammation, menstrual problems, sleep problems, memory problems, and the list goes on. I had around ten chief complaints. Paige talked to me about my symptoms and health history. Then she told me she would need to look at my tongue! She took notes about what she was seeing. Next, she took my pulses on both of my arms. Then she told me all of my issues are from my liver! With the formula that she prepared for me; I began to feel well within the first week. For all of the complaints I went in with originally, all but one have been resolved. The body is ever-changing, though.

During this time, I became more and more interested in herbs. I decided to attend the school that Victoria was going to. This class is out of Four Winds Natural Healing Center in Omaha. I started this class in October 2023. Every single class I have attended goes by so quickly! All the information is so amazing to my mind. There is so much theory and information about each herb to be learned. Suddenly employment opened up at Prairie Star Botanicals. I decided to apply. I was so excited when I got call from Aaron that they chose me to work there!  I absolutely love this place! All my favorite people are here, and they teach me more and more every day. This has been an amazing journey to great healing. I have had so many affirmations that this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I feel called. When God calls you, you answer! We all must take a journey in life. We are taken to places we could never even imagine! I cannot wait to see where else I am led.


  • Sue

    Welcome Sylvia to Peace and joy and over all well-being and getting paid for it

  • Rose Danielson

    So glad you have found your purpose. It wonderful that you want to help others with your knowledge. Herbal medicine benefits are often overlooked these days but it can really make a difference in the healing practice. Keep up the good work!

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