Meet The Staff

Lisa with Bella and Beckett

Lisa {with Bella & Beckett}

Owner and Creative Director

Lisa is lucky to be doing her dream job, combining her background in business and research with her love of plants, literature, and history. She has done several week-long cycling trips, pedaling and eating her way across the state. 
Molly {with Thor}

Molly {with Thor}

Business Administrator

Molly is the Business Administrator, GMP Compliance Manager, and QA Associate or lovingly known as "The Glue" that holds Prairie Star together. She spends many solo hikes through the prairie and mountains, identifying plants and immersing herself in nature.
Aaron {with Scooch}

Aaron {with Scooch}

Sales Account Manager

Aaron cares for our customers, whether wholesale, retail, or practitioners. He is one of our local growers, and when he is not at Prairie Star, he is in the garden with dirt on his hands and a smile on his face.
Kim {with Penny}

Kim {with Penny}

Social Media Designer

Kim manages our Instagram account and creates many of the photos and images that we share, as well as helping out in the lab or wherever needed. Her home garden is almost exclusively for supporting our pollinators, and she loves hand-raising Black Swallowtail and Monarch butterflies...from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to each one's epic release into the wild!

Victoria {with Cali}

Lab Associate

Victoria helps to keep the lab flowing smoothly; filling orders, pressing tinctures, and producing products for Prairie Star. She is currently studying herbal medicine and is working towards becoming a Clinical Herbalist for her career. She loves diving into photography, folklore, and any outdoor activities in her free time. Victoria will often be found in her garden, especially in the midst of rainstorms.