Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Tincture/Glycerite?

Tincture - an alcohol based, liquid extract of a plant

Glycerite - a vegetable based, liquid extract of a plant (alcohol free)

How do I use a Tincture/Glycerite?

Standard dose for our liquid herbal extracts is 1 mL, up to 3 times per day, unless otherwise recommended by your healthcare provider. 

Shake the bottle vigorously for 3-5 seconds, prime the dropper bulb by squeezing firmly (2-3 times), dispense extract under the tongue or mix with juice/water/tea if preferred.

Do you sell Essential Oils?

We have alternatives to the traditional essential oil through our body sprays, massage oils, and salves.

Do you sell CBD?

We are expanding our range of products and may consider carrying CBD products in the future.

What is the difference between a Tincture/Glycerite and an Essential Oil?

Tinctures/Glycerites are intended for internal use and Essential Oils are intended for external use only. 

Our liquid extracts are made through a process of extracting chemical compounds from a plant via maceration - soaking herbs in an alcohol or vegetable glycerine solvent. 

Essential oils are the volatile oils extracted from a plant via distillation - running steam through plant material to extract both water soluble compounds (hydrosol) and fat soluble compounds (essential oil).

Is my Tincture/Glycerite for internal or external use?

Most of our liquid herbal extracts are intended for internal use, however you may benefit from using certain herbs topically. Please see your healthcare provider or local herbalist for recommendations.

    How many doses are in my bottle?

    At a dose of 1 mL, 3 times per day, a 1 oz. bottle will last about 10 days and a 2 oz. about 20 days. Dosing for other sizes and volumes may vary, based on your practitioner's recommendation.

    I bought some products more than a year ago, are they still okay to be used?

    All of our internal products have a best by date on our new labels (starting March 1st, 2020). Our massage oils and salves are best if used within two years after the manufacture date. If you have questions for any other products, please contact us directly: 402-533-4433.

    I want to buy a product, but it is no longer listed. Can I place a special order?

    Many of our products have a new name but are still the same recipes that you know and love. If you can't find what you are looking for, please call and let us guide you or we may suggest an alternative - 402-533-4433.

    Where do you source your herbs from?

    Our plants and raw materials come from local growers and our partners.

    Is your product organic?

    Currently, our product is not certified organic. We source our herbs from growers that use organic practices, test herbs for heavy metals and chemicals, grow chemical free, or are certified organic. We are pursuing organic sources for our grain alcohol and vegetable glycerine. 

    Are your products safe for children?

    Our products are safe for children and we recommend using Glycerites when dosing children. Always consult your healthcare provider or local herbalist for child doses and which herbs to use.

    Can I take herbal supplements with my medications?

    There are certain herbs that may interact with or alter the effect of medications. Always consult your healthcare provider or local herbalist prior to taking herbal supplements with pharmaceuticals.

    Are herbs safe for pregnancy?

    Consult your healthcare provider or local herbalist before taking herbal supplements while pregnant or breast-feeding. Many herbs are contraindicated against pregnancy.

    Where can I find a practicing herbalist?

    We have connections with many practicing herbalists throughout the Midwest. Please visit our "Practitioners" page to find an herbalist near you!

    We also have 2 practicing herbalists in our clinic at Prairie Star, seeing clients on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Please visit our "Clinic" page to schedule an appointment.

    Do you offer wholesale?

    We do offer wholesale to practitioners and resale. If you are interested in opening an account with us, please visit our "Wholesale" page for more information.

    Do you offer free shipping?

    We offer free shipping on all orders over $100.00 USD.

    How do you prevent products from freezing during shipping?

    Some products, such as Glycerites, are susceptible to freezing during very cold weather. To prevent this, we pack those shipments with extra insulation to ensure you receive your product in good shape. Any products that are broken due to freezing will be replaced or refunded.