Custom Formula Program

Custom Formulation for Practicing Herbalists

What does this mean?

  • Instead of having to maintain, carry labels and bottles, and produce all of your own custom herbal blends for clients, we can do that for you! This removes the need for buying bulk herbs and maintaining an FDA approved dispensary.
  • You are able to spend more one-on-one time with your client without needing to incorporate blending formulas as part of their appointment.
  • Allows you to have more time to formulate exactly what goes into a formula and why, rather than feeling “Oh, I should have added THIS instead!”.

How does this work?

  • PSB has over 200 different herbs to choose from for formulating custom formulas, available as Tinctures and Glycerites. *NOTE: not all herbs are available in both forms*
  • Use PSB’s custom formula guide to create a custom blend for each client, includes the following:
    • Client contact information
    • Preferences for alcohol or alcohol free extracts
    • Specific titles for formulas e.g. “Stress formula”
    • Frequency and volume of dosage
    • Additional notes such as “Take with meal”
  • Once an order is submitted by the practitioner, PSB will contact the client within 24 business hours to confirm order and collect payment for the custom formula and shipping, if applicable. *NOTE: PSB is currently not open on the weekend, orders received over the weekend will be addressed on Monday or the next operating business day*
  • Orders will be submitted, along with a signed waiver for custom formulation (per new client), using the e-mail address.
  • Upon receiving the waiver, custom formula, and payment, PSB will fill and ship out the order.

Practitioner Credentials

  • As an herbal extracts producer, our variety of herbs has increased greatly over the years. Within our apothecary, we carry low dose herbs that we have qualified to be “Practitioner Only” herbs. This means that we only sell these herbs to practitioners that are qualified to use them properly and safely with their clients.

If you wish to utilize these Practitioner only herbs, we request that you submit documentation on your herbal studies and practices. PSB will review the submitted information and upon approval or denial, PSB will notify the practitioner on their use of these herbs (please allow at least 48 hours for this process and account setup).

Use the form below to reach out to us to receive more information about our Custom Formula Program!