Winter Cleanse Kit

Winter Cleanse Kit

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When possible, we source these herbs locally, fresh harvested from local growers: Please see the individual formulas or herbs to see which are sourced locally

The Prairie Star Botanicals Seasonal cleanse kits contain three 2-oz bottles of specially formulated liquid herbal extracts, and includes a seasonal cleanse formula that cleanses the body system specific to the season, Deep Tissue Detox formula which supports the lymph system and enhances the effectiveness of the cleanse formula, and lastly, a seasonal tonic formula, which gently revives and rejuvenates the specific body system, allowing for healthy transitions between seasons.**

The Winter kit includes the Kidney Cleanse, Deep Tissue Detox, and Vital Energy formulas. Winter is a time of stillness and preparation, cold temperatures, short days and long nights.  It’s the season of preparation.  The winter cleanse let’s us take special care of our kidney and bladder, to minimize stress, and invite a sense of peace and balance into our lives.*

Formulated by Nicholas Schnell, RH. These items are shipped in 2 oz. dropper bottles. 

Suggested Use: 2 droppers (60 drops) 3 times per day. Pair the Deep Tissue Detox with the seasonal cleanse formula until the bottles are empty. Once finished with the cleansing portion, begin the tonic (at the same dosage) until the bottle is empty.

**Consult with your healthcare practitioner before beginning any cleanse to make sure you are healthy enough to cleanse. Do not take if pregnant, nursing, with severe kidney disease, with acute or severe liver disease, with high blood pressure, during an acute infection, or with immune suppressing medications. Do not use on a child under the age of two. Avoid long term use.