New owners - Aaron and Paige Hill


Changing from Winter to Spring is often one of the most dramatic transitions for the Midwest to endure, at least for Nebraska it is. Typically, we will experience large shifts in temperature and wind gusts that will knock your socks off! As daylight increases, one and a half minutes with each passing day, the underlying itch to play outside grows stronger and stronger.

For some of us, the desire for change is unbearable – it strikes a nerve deep within us, we resist and resist and resist until we finally have to give in, accepting that situations HAVE to change. For others, we embrace and even DESIRE this change, wanting the transitions to swallow us up and spit out something new.

When looking at it through an Herbalist’s lens, change is good. Whether the transition is changing into something better or something worse, at least it’s changing and moving in a direction. Without change and direction, there is stagnation and stagnation is what causes problems. If the weather had a constant mild temperature with low to moderate humidity and an always sunny disposition, then there would be no need to adapt to change.

Rain wouldn’t be present to water our plants. Cold and snow wouldn’t break seed dormancy cycles. Tornadoes and twisters wouldn’t open up forest floors. Floods and fires wouldn’t refresh the soils with nutrients. Without change, life would be perfect…and unfortunately, we can’t grow or learn as individuals unless we are willing to embrace these transitions.

Rather than fearing the unknown, we must learn to celebrate what is to come – embracing our unique journeys! We invite you to celebrate with us, the next step in Prairie Star’s journey, a transition in ownership. After 10 years of owning and operating Prairie Star Botanicals, Lisa is able and ready to retire – with many grandchildren recently added to the family, a husband to celebrate retirement together, and many new adventures of her own…Lisa is transitioning into the next phase of her life as Mom, Grandma, and Crone (a woman with magic powers and wisdom).

Lisa will hand over the reins to Paige and Aaron Hill, who are graciously accepting the honor of owning and operating such a wonderful business. Transition of full ownership will take place on March 1st, 2024. Along with Aaron and Paige becoming owners, Victoria will be promoted from Lab Associate to Lab Manager, becoming a full-time member of the team. And last but not least, we will have to say a bittersweet goodbye to Molly, our Business Administrator. We are sad to see her go, but we are excited to help lift her up into her next phase as well – following her dreams, starting her own business, and continuing to provide help to women in our community.

Although much is changing, this is not goodbye to any one of our Prairie Star family members. We will continue to support each other through classes, events, and more – being a part of the herbal community that has been growing rapidly in the Midwest. With all of these changes, this means we will be needing to hire a new employee and welcome them into the family, providing unique herbal opportunities for their journey. Keep an eye out for our help wanted posters to appear in your inbox in the near future.

What exciting opportunities lie ahead, we can’t wait to see what they bring!


  • Aneitah

    What an amazing accomplishment for you both!! So exciting!! :)

  • Andrea

    Congratulations, Paige and Aaron! I look forward to seeing what’s in this next chapter for our lovely Prairie Star. And bon voyage and best wishes to Lisa and Molly!

  • Julie Spellerberg

    Congratulations! You are both very deserving of this exciting next step on your journey!

  • Cathy

    Very nice blog on change!
    Congratulations to everyone. Best wishes to all in you new chapters!

  • Kadi Knight

    Congratulations to all!!! These are some very exciting changes for all of you! ❤️

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