A visionary journey...

From Prairie Star blogger, Lisa...

Recently, I led a vision board workshop for a small group.  Some of the participants were friends, some were family.  We gathered around a table, creating a powerful circular space.  I spoke to the group, not as a workshop leader, but as an explorer, leading an expedition, where the important thing is the journey, not the destination. We sat, surrounded by plants and art, not really knowing where it would lead.  For the next hour, the explorers pulled inspiration from the objects around them - sometimes words, or images, or flower petals, or sketches.  As we did this, some were thoughtful, others laughed and teased, and others were stopped, each proceeding on their own personal path.

I was lucky enough to participate - because really, the vision board workshop was for me - sorry, fellow explorers.  I experienced moments of:

  • this doesn't make sense
  • I don't have enough stuff for my board
  • I have too much stuff for my board
  • am I doing this "right"?
  • this doesn't make sense
  • I'm not going to get done in time
  • how do all of these pieces fit together?
  • what if I come off sounding like a hippy weirdo?
  • how will I explain my board's meaning to this group?
  • how will I explain my board's meaning to my significant other?
  • is this the right time for me to be doing a vision board (because I have so many unfinished projects and plans)?
  • this doesn't make sense.

We gathered with our finished boards.  As the individual members began to speak, the space around us faded away, almost as if we'd been physically transported to a new space that we'd designed ourselves, existing only in the present, and surrounding us with the things we love.  We began to be transformed through, and by, our own stories.

And now, days after the workshop, I'm looking at my own board.  It brings me joy.  It inspires me to finish an important personal project that had little momentum.  Bold geometric lines define spaces which are softened by the energy of plants.  It surrounds me with the plants and animals that I love, and brings places to gather to share food and conversation.  My board is a reminder to truly live my best life, through inspiration, motivation, and celebration.




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