The Flower Essence Experience


At Prairie Star Botanicals we have on going projects and research. One of those research projects and part of my continued learning is taking a flower essence and journal the experience.

I decided to take Wild Bergamot to help me deal and heal with childhood trauma and grieve properly.  Wild Bergamot is my favorite plant. I have spent many hours hiking  prairie lands, gazing in awe and the beautiful purple flowers and capturing pictures of bees buzzing around it. This particular flower essence was made from local prairie so I felt a close connection.

Wild Bergamot flower essence surprised me with her gentle subtle energy, that sneaked up reaching a crescendo, then gently laying down in peace and tranquility.  What does that mean? Every two days I went through a cycle of four stages. The first stage I would feel peaceful and with Spirit. I was more loving towards others and myself.  The second stage I would become incredibly sad and wail. During this sorrow and wailing, I envisioned a woman during an ancient grieving ritual. Stage three  I became very warrior-like full of fire and ready to right all the wrongs from my life. Stage four brought peace again but also more awareness of everything around me( a dogs bark, the wind's sound)

My conclusion for Wild Bergamot Flower essence, it was helping with my issues but I must be completely ready to deal with the intense experience of going through the healing. I do believe if I continue to take this long term,I could resolve my trauma


This is a personal blog and does not reflect opinions of Prairie Star Botanicals. This is for education use only not intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition.


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