The beauty of community

Wow, this has been an interesting time…

I’m not sure that any of us could foresee what our world looks like today.  It’s so very different from a year ago.  However, one thing that we can depend on, even in these crazy times, is the change of seasons, which arrived, again, with a welcomed sense of familiarity.  At Prairie Star, we are very attuned to the seasons, and we look for the beautiful patterns and rhythms in the natural world.  While sometimes challenged by events in our world, we continue to believe that much of what we need to be healthy and thrive is provided by the natural world around us.

The challenges that arise are ways for us to demonstrate the strength of our community.  Like many other small businesses, we have been challenged in unique ways over the last year.  We are proud, and blessed, to be part of a vibrant and growing community of herbal practitioners, students, growers, everyday herbalists, along with yogis, bodyworkers, acupuncturists, therapists, chefs, ethnobotanists, lovers of plants and seekers of health, resilience and longevity.

While we are currently limited in the social gatherings that might bring our community together, we’ve found ways to collaborate with local herbalists. growers and herbal product makers.  You’ll find our retail and online stores now feature amazing teas, herbal baths, cleaning products, and sanitizers made with care.  We have welcomed many new customers, and creative business partnerships are being formed.  We continue experimenting with new ways of gathering to celebrate our treasured seasonal transitions – stay tuned.

I’m optimistic about opportunities for this community to evolve– where we can freely share our ideas to solve problems that fall through the cracks of our modern healthcare system.  Along with others in our community, we are uniquely skilled in dealing with the stressors of our modern world by connecting with those who seek our help – with careful listening and reflection.  This idea of healing, with its traditional roots, combines strategies like healthy eating, supportive herbs, physical movement, social interactions, and acting with purpose to balance the physical impact of stress on our physical/mental/emotional systems.  As a community, we grow together through discussion, debate, discovery, bonding, and tolerance.

We don’t know what the future holds, but I believe that the answer lies with our community.  With care and respect, we can work with our surroundings to create a sustainable world, and even more important, one that provides us with health, purpose, connection, and peace. 


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