Seasons of the Prairie – Summer 2021

We celebrated the arrival of summer with the summer solstice on June 21, and we move south with the rhythm of nature to meet the season of fire.  The prairie is wildly active now – native plants seem to want to reach their peak earlier than normal this year.  The stately wild bergamot has become heavy with blooms, and seems a bit exhausted with the effort as it starts to rest on the ground.  Wild grasses abound, elders are full of green berries, and pleurisy root is not shy with its bright orange flower sprays.  Native corn is tall and stately, forming tassels, the vining beans scale their height and pop bright pink/purple blooms, with the yellow blossoms of squashes and watermelons at their feet.


Indigenous people understood the flow of nature, and the paths of the sun and the moon.  Nature is a gentle and generous teacher, making the wisdom of the plant and animal world available to those who are curious.  Nature is also sometimes a stern teacher.  Fortunately, the cycles of the seasons give us a chance to repeat lessons, and build on what we’ve learned in the past.

I’m honored to lead a talk this Saturday, at our very first Prairie Herbalist Conference.  If you’re interested in restoring your connection to Nature through seasonal herbs, food, movement and meditation – be sure to sign up.  We’ll be at the amazing Red Road Retreat Center in Stanton, Nebraska, in the midst of a prairie all dressed up for summer.  Be curious. Join us!

Register at Red Road Herbs!


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