The Seasons of Life




While I was sitting at my desk writing this blog, I looked outside my window and saw a tiny house wren hopping through the grass and clover. He/She plucks up a plump insect and gobbles it down. This brought a smile to my lips. I witnessed the true authentic season of nature. It reminded me of a song that was retro when I was a child, the song "Turn Turn Turn (to everything there is a season)" by the Byrds, speaks of every moment in life is a season. As a child, hearing the song made me feel connected to nature and the universe.


Here is a YouTube link for my favorite cover of the song.


At PSB, our lives are guided by the Seasons; from planting, harvesting, and  creating our herbal magic with our plant allies. We celebrate seasons with a PSB group adventure or a delicious meal, and discuss how the particular season affects our lives.


A Summer picnic with our friends from Four Winds Natural Healing Center, a few years ago.

Summer is our busiest Season. Our plant allies have matured and are singing there heady songs to pollinate and procreate; we harvest them at maturity to make our products. While we are working as a team to process the plants, we have some very deep and meaningful conversations. Out of one such conversation, I ask the question "What if each Season is actually a Season in our life? What age group does each Season represent?"


Harvesting Wild Bergamot in my garden last July.

Over the next year, we will be discussing each Season and how it may be meaningful to a human's life cycle. In the next few weeks, we will be discussing Summer - what do you think Summer represents in a humans life? 

Please come and visit. Pull up a blanket and have a seat our proverbial garden  and discuss this interesting theory.





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