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Seasonal Transitions

Seasonal Chat

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At Prairie Star Botanicals, we like to look at life in seasons. As the seasonal transitions come and go, we will also see various transitions occur in our personal lives. Children growing up, young adults finding their way, beginning the adventure of parenthood, finally fulfilling your life-long dream, becoming a grandparent, and finally, seeing our loved ones say goodbye.

Winter, our season of looking inward and reflection, rebuilding our energy reserves that have been exhausted over the year. Flowing into Spring, our season of rebirth and reanimation, letting our motivation and energy flow freely so we may implement change to create new foundations. Growing tall as a tree, our branches reach upward with excitement towards the Summer sun, soaking up all the possibilities and memories of living in the moment. Falling into Autumn, we gather our thoughts for digesting our year’s past experiences, processing the good and bad, we learn what we’ve gathered from another year of change. Preparing for another Winter, we begin the slow down of hibernation until we can be reborn, yet again.

Understanding and living with the seasons is important for all of us to recognize. As life changes around us, we must be able to flow with our individual paths and continue on the journey designated to us. When we deviate from our path in life, it shows as we encounter much resistance in our everyday activities. Like water flowing through a stream, dams stop or divide the flow, while pebbles aim to guide the direction in which we flow.

All transitions (in life) can have a positive impact, so long as we have the right perspective when looking at them. In the moment, no – they may not always seem to be in our favor, but when our future selves can look at the past, we can see the path that was laid out for us to arrive where we currently are. And if right now doesn’t seem to be the most enchanting of life experiences, know that it will lead to something good later, even if it doesn’t directly affect the individual.

We can’t see the future (not all of us anyways ;) ), but we can come to terms and acknowledge that what the future holds, is exactly what we need to experience. If the future wasn’t meant for us, then we wouldn’t be here right now. Remember to connect with nature, even during the colder months, and be open to the messages of healing that are softly spoken in the words of the wind. Making Winter, and all seasons of life, an easier transition.


  • Sue

    Very well written. Take the time to reflect and heal as we transition into a new season with new hope. Glad you and your team are there to make it go smoothly.

  • Patty

    Loved this message, hits home as to how I am feeling right now. Great words of thought and encouragement. Thank you

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