Prairie Herbalists Conference

(Referred to as PHC)


Annually, since the Summer of 2021, we’ve participated at the Prairie Herbalists Conference, held at Red Road Herbs - Retreat & Learning Center. Red Road Herbs is owned and operated by Rachel Liester located at 57190 835th Road Stanton, Nebraska 68779. Follow the link below to discover more information about the center and specifically, the annual Prairie Herbalists Conference:



The PHC is an intentional gathering of like-minded individuals, gathered to educate one-another and share personal experiences. Various Herbalists, Growers, Instructors, and Practitioners come together to offer their knowledge to any and all that are interested. The topics presented at the PHC may include a wide range of topics, often including but not limited to:

  • Medicine making classes
  • Crystal, stones, and mineral uses (Alchemy)
  • Bodily and Energy movement
  • Gardening and Growing foods/medicines
  • Folklore and tradition
  • History
  • Women’s and Men’s health

Our participation, as Prairie Star Botanicals, is often to be a vendor at the event – bringing our hand-crafted herbal goods to share with the attendants of the PHC, letting them know that there is a local company that produces herbal extracts from plants sourced from local growers. As well as having a vending booth, our employees will often be involved in presentations for the weekend. Saturday is the mixed classes day, where educators hold their classes throughout the day and attendants register to participate at one of the designated times. Sunday is the day of “Intensives” – each class is held only once; however, the class is longer and much more in-depth than the Saturday classes, usually a different subject from the Saturday classes.



Saturday classes start early, registration at 8:00 AM and introductions at 9:00. During registration, attendants pick the classes they wish to participate in and in their free-time, roam the center to familiarize themselves with the various educators, vendors, and plants that exist on the property. Classes follow introductions until lunch, then the afternoon picks up with more classes and the second round of class offerings. The afternoon classes have snack and drink breaks, along with time to socialize and connect. All events are outside and in nature, (with advance notice) attendants are welcome to camp at the Center, or to find local parks or hotels to stay for the weekend.



Leaving the conference, we all walk away with a wealth of knowledge. Whether our experience is filled with education and new ideas or new friends, we all benefit from the like-minded gathering. The conference is a safe place for all who attend to express themselves as free spirits. Whatever is needed to be learned, will be, and all will grow closer together in mind, body, and spirit.

Excerpt from 2021, the first Prairie Herbalists Conference:

“Aaron of PSB speaks for us with these sentiments about this educational and relaxing event...The event as a whole was really relaxed and well worth the travel. Although being a vendor there, the timing of classes and number of attendants allowed for us to roam freely and participate in classes as well. I much appreciated that Rachel had included small breaks in the schedule to include refreshments, snacks, and some time to digest what we had recently learned. It was great to see many new faces, some familiar friends, and to know that they are all from different walks of life (as well as different cities/states). We were able to meet different educators than who we know in the Omaha area, as well as customers that are making their own herbal concoctions. If asked to participate again, I would jump to it in a heartbeat! Rachel was an excellent host and you can feel it reflected in her property. Her family are friendly stewards of the land, cultivating not only plants, but peace and restoration.”

Additional comments:
Lisa - “A perfect midsummer celebration.”
Paige - “A good mix of nature and humanity.”
Molly - “A sacred place of refuge conducive to learning.”
Victoria - “I loved the energy people brought into the space.”
Aaron - “It confirmed that there are others like us in our area.”

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