How do I know if I need to Cleanse or Tonify?



As part of a wellness regime, some folks participate in cleanses.  You may have heard of cleanse or tonic, but what does that exactly mean? We asked Clinical Herbalist, Paige Hill from Oakleaf Herbal, "What is the difference between a cleanse and a tonic?  How do I know if I need to cleanse or tonify?"

"Cleansing is removing things, while tonifying is adding things back." according to Paige. She goes on to further explain why someone would need to tonify or cleanse:

"Some people need to cleanse because they have excess of heat, toxins and other things that impede normal bodily functions.  Some people need to tonify because their organ systems are weak, cold or needing nourishment." 

Paige explained more with the different organ systems, personality or emotional characteristics when it comes to cleansing and tonifying:


"A liver cleanse is needed when someone has excess heat, like inflammation, frequent elimination, drastic hormone fluctuations, joint problems, high blood pressure, or feelings of anger and frustration. Liver tonifying is needed when someone has a liver deficiency, which is expressed emotionally by a lack confidence and drive. These people are often anemic, have chronic constipation, and weak nails. With an excess or deficient liver there are digestive issues and food allergies."


"Excess of the heart is an overly social person, very talkative, always wanting stimulation because they cannot shut off their brain. They may have a rapid heart rate and physical heart problems. A heart deficient person is very quiet, not very social and may have heart palpitations."


Paige further explains lymphatic cleansing and tonifying characteristics with the spleen. "A person with excess may have swollen glands, lumps, edema, or a cold that never fully resolved. Deficiency of the lymphatic system may be someone with a weak immune system who is always sick. This can also manifest as hard swellings and chronic loose stool. The people who become deficient in this way are those who are always nurturing other people but are not taking time to nurture themselves."


"The excess of the kidney may show up as kidney stones or dark, cloudy, or fragrant urine. Emotionally, these people are evasive and overly cautious. They are deep thinkers who get caught up in their thoughts. Kidney deficient people tend to have incontinence, prolapse, and  night sweats. Emotionally, they can be overwhelmed by fear, becoming anxious and reactive."


If you are interested in learning more about cleansing or tonifying, you can contact one of our herbalists for a consultation. They will create a custom formula just for you! Visit our Clinic page.



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