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Happy Nose Interview 

with Lisa Grabenbauer


1. What is the purpose of the Happy Nose Herbal Formula?

The formula is a balanced approach to sinus and respiratory issues, primarily due to seasonal allergies and chronic upper respiratory weaknesses, that show up as dry sinuses and sticky/dry mucus.

Occasionally, the body may try to bring these conditions back into balance by generating copious amounts of mucus, potentially masking the underlying condition of dryness.

2. What herbs are in the Happy Nose formula?

The herbs in the Happy Nose formula are as follows: Eyebright, Plantain Leaf, Stinging Nettle, Xanthium seed, Horseradish, Goldenseal, Chinese Skullcap, Goldenrod, Thyme, Ragweed, Elder Flower.

3. How do the herbs in the Happy Nose formula work/what do the herbs do?

The herbs are chosen for 3 reasons:

  1. Their Energetics - mostly cooling and drying, helps to reduce inflammation, soothing to irritated tissues, and helps to bring appropriate moisture levels (of the sinuses) back into balance
  2. Their Organ Affinity - primarily the upper respiratory system - eyes, throat, nose, and sinuses
  3. Actions - expectorant, diaphoretic, astringent, demulcent, and stimulating

4. Overall, how does the Happy Nose formula make you feel?

Each person is different, based on their unique body type and individual needs. However, there are some general expectations that apply:

  • Flavor - It's complex and bitter; the pungent and earthy flavor of horseradish often stands out over other flavors
  • Smell - Pungent, earthy, complex - there are many different herbs that make up the formula
  • Emotional - The sinuses are a delicate interface to our experience with the world that we live in - the smells, tastes, even what we can hear. We are accustomed to shutting ourselves off from the natural world, believing that nature is harmful to us, preventing us from perceiving the world around us
  • Physical Body - Users often feel a warmth radiating out from the chest, extending upward through the throat and into the sinuses (very reminiscent of having too much green stuff on your sushi!!)

5. Why would you recommend the Happy Nose Herbal Formula to a customer?

The formula is especially useful for people who suffer from ongoing sinus discomfort, haven't found a good solution with OTC resources, and desire a natural approach towards supporting their health

6. Why is the compounded formula better than taking a single herbs, such as Eyebright?

Due to individual and unique body types, not every herb will help every person in the same way. The Happy Nose formula has been compounded by a well-seasoned practicing herbalist to cover a broad-spectrum of tissue states: dry, damp, hot, and cold. 

7. In one sentence, please explain how to take the Happy Nose formula, including how much/how often.

Unlike most sinus-clearing products out there, our Happy Nose formula is taken orally, under the tongue. 1-2 mL, 2-3 times per day or as needed.

8. Do you recommend any other herbs/self-care practices to pair with the Happy Nose formula?

  • Steam inhalation - using cooling, expectorant herbs such as Peppermint or Mullein Leaf
  • Breathing exercises - to strengthen the lungs, clear the sinuses, and calm the mind
  • Hydration - using nourishing teas that incorporate/support the herbs in the Happy Nose formula, such as Holy Basil (soothing and flavorful) or Oat Straw (demulcent and soothing to the nervous system)

9. I don't want to constantly be taking something. Are there any foods that I can eat (or not eat) to help with my sinus congestion?

Each person is unique, find the right combination that works for you!
  • Incorporation of warm foods, warming spices, and spicy spices such as Cayenne, Turmeric, or Cumin
  • Incorporation of Digestive Bitters or other bitter herbs/foods - helps the body adjust by balancing the digestive process, while primarily cooling to the body
  • Avoid excess sugars, carbohydrates, salts, and heavy foods such as red meats, dairy products, and overly-processed foods
  • Incorporate seasonally appropriate foods such as squashes, nuts/seeds, fruits, and root vegetables.

10. Choose only 1 word to describe the Happy Nose formula and describe why you chose this word.

Balance - I use this word for all of our formulas

Our body is uncomfortable because of an imbalance of some sort (too hot, cold, damp, or dry). Due to their complexities, herbs are uniquely suited for this. In fact, our science still hasn't cracked the code on how they work, but we have lots of tradition that indicates what they do.*



*Please consult with your healthcare practitioner before taking any liquid supplements. Do not take if pregnant or nursing.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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