Guidepost #3 - Empowerment

From Prairie Star blogger, Lisa... 

Winter is a season of stillness and preparation.  For those of us living on the prairie, it’s a time of cold temperatures, short days and long nights.  It provides an opportunity for reflection, for distilling truth and wisdom from the experiences of our daily lives.

The messages of our modern world can leave me feeling worried and pessimistic.  Cable news shows, the little news app that pops up on my phone, abrasive and disruptive Facebook and Twitter feeds, sometimes succeed in distracting me to the point of weakness, believing that what I do and say makes no difference in the world.   

I’ve been listening to social scientist Brené Brown speak about the spiritual crisis of disconnection, and how it has numbed us into submission.  We are encouraged to build social boundaries, neglecting the very human need to speak, to listen, and work together in a way that provides meaning and belonging.

However, the best of human nature comes from a different place, from a sense of empowerment.  The word “empowerment” is an enigmatic, elusive kind of word.   It can be defined in many ways:

  • the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties
  • the capacity of individuals, groups and/or communities to take control of their circumstances, exercise power and achieve their own goals,
  • the process by which, individually and collectively, people are able to help themselves and others to maximize the quality of their lives

I prefer this very simple definition:

  • a multi-dimensional social process that helps people, as individuals, groups or communities, gain control over their own lives.


Much of what we need to be healthy and thrive is provided for us by the natural world that surrounds us.  The very world that we’ve subtly been disconnected from.  Prairie Star Botanicals grew from a personal need to connect with the wisdom of nature, and to take control over my own life and health.  This type of action is needed in our world and reinforces my belief that making a difference in the health of our planet is more than just a concept that lives inside of my head. 

I encourage you to challenge yourself to participate in something that rings true to you, that energizes your true self, your core, to the point that you must take action.  Through education, access to quality resources, and a supportive community, we are empowered to lead healthier lives, and our actions create a healthier world.

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