Dry Brushing: Not Just for Horses!

During the Winter months, my skin takes a  dry transformation. You may find me rubbing my itchy back along my office chair in resemblance to a bear rubbing his/her back along a tree. A few years ago while researching  ways to help control my bear shape shifting, I found information on dry brushing the skin.

What is dry brushing? I immediately think of brushing a horse: watching the dust rise up, the horse quiver in pleasure, and the sound of the dry brush against the horse hair. This care practice is not just for horses. While most practices of exfoliating the skin are using water and/or products, dry brushing is using a brush with out water or products. 


Pictured ~Benita agrees dry brushing feels lovely!


It has been around for 1,000's of years in many different forms and cultures.  Traditionally dry brushing has been used for several self care practices:

1. To exfoliate dead skin cells and open the pores.

2. Stimulate the Lymphatic system.

3. Promote relaxation.

4. As a form of Meditation.

5. It feels wonderful.

If you would like to start the practice of dry brushing, you will need a natural brush. I use a boar's hair brush similar to the brush pictured above.  It is best to brush before you shower or bathe. Start with your feet and work your way upwards, always brushing towards your heart.  Be mindful of sensitive areas, broken skin, or rashes and avoid brushing in those areas.  There are many how-to videos and documents on dry brushing.  I have included one here:



Dry brushing is just one of the many practices you can utilize in your self care practice.  It doesn't have to be just for Winter.  I dry brush more in Winter because of dry skin.  Have fun trying something new! May you be warm and cozy this Season.





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