Celebrating the Summer Solstice 2022

This year, summer arrives on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. The summer equinox is especially poignant here on the prairie, where the sun rises early, and sets after 9PM.  In modern times, our area has been known for agriculture, and a short but aggressive growing season that supports mono-cropping of corn and soybeans.  I like to think of it in more historical times, where local indigenous people set their rhythms to that of the sun, enjoying the long days of summer as a balance to the short days of winter.

The cycle of seasons allows us to experience our true connection to the natural world.  Disconnection that comes through our modern lives leaves us feeling unsettled at best, and stressed, or diseased at worst.  We are blessed to live in a place where we experience four very distinct seasons.

Admittedly, this year has been chaotic, and not just in terms of weather.  I’m a big fan of warm and humid weather, being of a cold and dry constitution.  You’ll find me on my back porch, taking advantage of the cool mornings to stretch and gather my thoughts, mid-day under the fan, writing and dozing and writing and dozing, or in the evening, watching the sun set.

Summer is the season of fire in ancient traditions.  Solar infusion seems like such a natural idea for this time of the year. I am blessed with lots of lemon balm, spearmint and catnip in my garden.  I harvest sprigs of these in the early morning.

I fill a half-gallon Mason jar with fresh water, then add these favorite herbs. 


I set them in the sunniest place in my garden, and let them infuse in the heat of the sun. 

I leave them most of the day, then let them cool in the fridge.  I tend to do this several days a week, so that I always have a tasty drink when I head out to the garden.  These mint-family herbs calm my digestive system and cool my body in the summer heat. 

I hope that you find a bit of time to celebrate the joy of this season of fire in your own way.


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