Aromatherapy for the Soul - with Erin Littlewood of Five Sisters Wellness

 "Last night, as I walked through the Loess Hills, surrounded by countless medicinal herbs, I reminded myself that the indigenous peoples of this area took their time observing how insects, birds, and animals responded to native woodland and prairie botanicals and trees before using them as their own remedies, a process which took more observation, trial and error, and time. So too do we need to allow ourselves the time and practice to develop our own understanding of how aromatherapy works for the body, mind, and soul."

With this beautiful image in mind, we want to share a few insights into what makes aromatherapy such a powerful wellness support, as told through the eyes of certified aromatherapist, Erin Littlewood, of We're so pleased to host her upcoming workshop "Aromatherapy for the Soul", so we recently asked her to share her story into the art of aromatherapy.

"My interest in essential oils and holism in general began about 15 years ago when I researched ways I could help support my son's focus in the classroom. I suppose I came to learn more about essential oils and aromatherapy as a practice through learning about herbs and plant medicine, really." Several years ago Erin was presented with the generous opportunity to become certified in a holistic practice through her employer. She chose aromatherapy because she's always been fascinated by how scent colors our emotional world and how the constituents found in essential oils offer benefit to our bodily systems.

 As the years progress in her work with these precious oils, she has found that her relationship with them has evolved and deepened. Because of the environmental impact that comes with enjoying the gifts of essential oils, she uses them with great respect. "When I use these oils or teach about them, there is always a story about their sacrifice for our benefit that I might reflect on or share. I'd like to inspire people to enjoy them mindfully and with respect and gratitude." Additionally, while learning about how an essential oil's therapeutic properties effect various bodily systems, also learning about how essential oils and fragrant botanicals have been used throughout history for spiritual and/or metaphysical purposes has opened up a world of awareness and appreciation in her personal practice. "Since my background is in literature, I can't help but view essential oils as characters or archetypes, each with their own unique personality, talents, and story," she explains.

Erin adds that essential oils are thought to be the 'life blood' of the botanical, the substance that contains the 'essence' or 'spirit'. "If we consider this for a moment and reflect on how we might invite an essential oil's therapeutic molecules to communicate with our cells, to spark memories and emotions, to support our overall wellness, what awareness might we gain? What rituals might we welcome into our lives that honor a moment of peace? How might we stop and notice not only our own connection to health and wellness and our own essence and spirit, but that of the plant world where essential oils derive?" These are the questions she asks herself the more she gets to understand essential oils. She concludes, "Since there's much left to be discovered about essential oils, more questions are bound to come. Essential oils are communicators. I'm interested in their story."

If you're interested in learning more about aromatheraphy and how it can awaken the soul, please join us for Erin's workshop on Thursday, September 5th. During this workshop, she'll be sharing the spiritual history of aromatherapy, how essential oils work, safety tips, and best practices. You'll also have the opportunity to experience four surprising oils for yourself and learn how to journal your personal experience. Ms. Littlewood will be presenting the evening's workshop with a gentle, informative, and empowering approach. Please join us! Tap on the header at the top of this page to reserve your space.

{ All images and text used with permission of Five Sisters Wellness, LLC.}


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