An Introduction to Prairie Star Botanicals Seasonal Cleansing


Cleansing is a traditional practice that allows our body to reset through the use of gentle herbs, healthy seasonal foods, and restorative lifestyle practices.   For many, this is related to eliminating metabolic toxins that accumulate as a result of the hectic pace and irregular eating of our modern lives. 


Based on Ayurvedic, European and Chinese traditions, cleansing allows us to adjust how, when, and especially what we eat, with special attention to the function of specific organ systems related to each season.  Cleansing helps us work with our body’s natural resources to prepare for the challenges of each season, and to treat our bodies, emotions and spirit with love.


While many cleanse protocols focus on the liver cleanse, our approach is seasonal, and incorporates spring, summer, fall and winter herbs and seasonal foods that match the body systems related to each season.


The results of cleansing are highly specific to the individual, their personal history and their constitution.  People often notice improved digestion and energy.  In addition, some will experience improved focus and clarity, reduced stress, and a reconnection to spirit and vision. 



Our Protocol:

We are blessed to live in a part of the country that is acutely aware of the cycle of seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter.  The Prairie Star Botanicals Seasonal cleanse kits contain three 2-oz bottles of specially formulated liquid herbal extracts, and includes a seasonal cleanse formula that cleanses the body system specific to the season, Deep Tissue Alterative formula which supports the lymph system and enhances the effectiveness of the cleanse formula, and lastly, a seasonal tonic formula, which gently revives and rejuvenates the specific body system, allowing for healthy transitions between seasons.


Each season has its own version:

  • The Spring kit includes the Liver Cleanse and Deep Tissue Alterative formulas, and Stinging Nettle Leaf tincture. Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth.  Through a focused spring cleanse, we pay special attention to our liver and gall bladder.  In many cultures, spring is traditionally the time for a liver cleanse, which helps the digestive system transition from the heavier and denser foods of winter.  We may also experience the birth of new ideas, release of anger and frustration, and a reconnection with our soul and our creativity. 
  • The Summer kit includes the Small Intestine Cleanse, Deep Tissue Alterative, and Happy Heart Tonic formulas. Summer is the season of fire – and a time for growth and exploration.  We take advantage of this transition time to harmonize our body with the rhythm of summer – with special attention paid to our heart, pericardium, and small intestine.  It’s a time of year where all of us, even those with a “cold” digestive system can enjoy fresh, raw foods – inspired by what we find at our local farmer’s markets.  We may experience increased activity and productivity, and like adolescents, we are able to step away from convention and reconnect with what our true self wants.  It is also a time to identify and leave behind the physical and emotional parasites that sap our energy and divert us from our life journey.
  • The Fall kit includes the Lymphatic Cleanse, Deep Tissue Alterative, and Happy Lung formulas.   It's the season of the metal element, a time to take special care of our lungs and large intestine, clear the body of unneeded gunk, and prepare it for the bounty of the fall harvest, and the coming of winter.
  • The Winter kit includes the Kidney Cleanse, Deep Tissue Alterative, and Vital Energy formulas. Winter is a time of stillness and preparation, cold temperatures, short days and long nights.  It’s the season of preparation.  The winter cleanse let’s us take special care of our kidney and bladder, to minimize stress, and invite a sense of peace and balance into our lives. 


“The holistic cleanse is a process of whole body rejuvenation and detoxification that embraces lifestyle modifications, emotional transformation, positive affirmation, dietary change, specific herbal supplements and spiritual growth.”  Nicholas Schnell


Please check our class schedule to attend a session that gives you an opportunity to learn more about this holistic approach.  We discuss history, theory, introduce you to helpful herbs, and provide a step-by-step playbook to a successful cleanse.  We even provide recipes and cook a typical cleanse meal.  Come and get support for your journey to a healthier you.

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