A prairie summer moon

A full moon on a hot Saturday night – most beautiful and bright – perfect for a little moon-bathing. The moon is magical, especially a summer moon. I gaze at it, sensing an opening to a rapid current of knowledge and wisdom, if only I could dip my toe into it, I could touch the essence of the universe. I am buoyant… and then, I’m back in my body, on this planet, sitting in my back yard.


Summer is my absolute favorite season. Here in the Midwest US, the sun starts to rise before 5 AM and sets after 9 PM. The staggering amount of daylight provides time to get large projects accomplished. Painting, gardening, harvesting wild herbs, writing novels, birthing a business – call it a creative bonanza. Or, it can be a time of luxurious relaxation – there’s still time later in the day, so enjoy sitting in the morning sun, smell the mint on the breeze and take another sip of tea.


Summer is a time for the heart – in both a physical and metaphoric way. A time to love ourselves. And a time to be honest with ourselves – to set our priorities on what and who we love. To be lion-hearted and to do the right thing. To nourish our bodies and our souls. Summer moons are like that – no room to hide from what is true.


Photo: Kristine Chavez

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