A Client's Perspective

Pictured from left to right - Aaron, Beth, and Mo 
(Clothing coordination not planned, we're just awesome like that!)

Meet Beth!

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to see a Practicing Herbalist?? One of Mo's clients, Beth, has graciously allowed us to interview her and share her story of herbal healing.

Beth has been visiting us at PSB for a couple of years now and over time, we have become great friends. Laughing about spilling tinctures, reminiscing on gardening during Winter, and supporting each other while we go through the tough times. About a year ago, Beth started seeing one of our practitioners - Ramona (Mo for short) Horner:

"I started going to see Mo as I had just been through a rough emotional period in my life and came in the first day with bladder infection symptoms and feeling bloated and tired. Mo was super easy to talk to and we just hit it off immediately! As we talked, she listened – that’s huge! One on one in a quiet office for an hour! She asked the right questions and her knowledge base of herbs in relationship to emotions went to work.
Within the visit, she was able to ascertain how to best start but not overwhelm my system to start it on its path to healing. Basically, my body was desiring to hold on to the emotions I had been carrying around and, not letting them go, were making me sick. The herbs Mo prescribed for me helped me release the emotions, allowing my body to heal naturally.
With that said, there was work on my part and we talked about that as well. I modified my mindset of self-talk, started some journaling and added in a few foods that would benefit my healing to set me on the path of wellness! The bloating and bladder infection symptoms began to disappear, my energy slowly returned and now I am aware, through Mo bringing it to my attention, as to how I could best release those emotions in a healthy way to avoid flare ups.
I would recommend Mo to everyone! I am not anti-medication, to be clear, but to use the tools God gave us in this amazing world if possible is the best!" - Beth

FREE Herbal Clinic Opportunities

Mo, along with a huge supporting group of herbal enthusiasts, have worked diligently to establish the Wild Roots People's Clinic for the underserved Omaha community. A group of Herbalists, along with other alternative health practitioners, all collaborate to bring free healthcare to the surrounding Omaha population. 

Along with bringing natural health practices to Omaha, WRPC also offers many volunteer opportunities, as well as Internships!! The WRPC is always appreciative of product donations, donations of hours for volunteering, promotions of their clinic, and of course, monetary donations!! When possible, PSB prefers to donate our under-utilized herbal products to the WRPC Clinic, knowing that it is going in the right hands and won't go to waste!

Here is a little bit more about the clinic:

H A V E  Y O U  H E A R D ?

Wild Roots People’s Clinic is a non-profit herbal clinic that offers FREE herbalism services to underserved communities in Omaha. These caring humans freely give their time, love, and skill to support and benefit others, and they’re working toward full NON-PROFIT in 2021!
A few facts about them:
  • WRPC just celebrated 3 years of service to Omaha's underserved Latino community
  • WRPC recently partnered with Latino Center of the Midlands to bring herbalism to even more individuals in 2021 and beyond
  • Their community supporters help reduce costs by generously donating product and promoting their  work
  • At least 22 individuals make up their growing nonprofit, contributing hundreds of hours each year
  • All consultations and custom herbal formulas are free!
Help WRPC purchase apothecary supplies and herbs by contributing @  GoFundMe: Support Wild Roots NOW 
Know someone who needs their services?
Text or call 402-804-8040
Visit their website www.wildrootspc.org 
Follow them on Instagram @wildrootspc
“Wild Roots People’s Clinic provides skilled guidance for health, vitality, and wellness, in all underserved communities in Omaha. These choices include wellness appointments with professional and student herbalists, free information and personalized herbal formulas, and community education programs to broaden understanding of the application of plants for personal wellness and vitality.” - wildrootspc.org
Visit  their website for full details regarding their services, their people, and how to volunteer or donate. And please share information about this important community resource with everyone! ❤️

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